Web-based building management system with advanced 3D IFC viewer. Store all information and BIM models. Organize your development process, maintenance and support

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BIMkeeper won the Middle East Best Brand Award 2018 in the category facility management!


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Real time sensor information of real estate usage

Insights and statistics for your real estate through BIMkeeper sensor information

New interface for overruling IFC information

BIMkeeper at Building Holland (9, 10 and 11 April 2019)

The most innovative event for construction and property management.

BIMkeeper visualizes sun and shadow in 3D viewer.

BIMkeeper can now visualize sun and shadow. And you can look at any date and time in the past or future. The only thing we need: a building and its location. Try it (open one of the links) 

ISO 19650 Launch. What to expect.

On Thursday the 31st of January 2019, BSI (Business Standards Company) held an event in London to launch a new ISO standard.

In the cloud

BIMkeeper is an online collaboration platform for the development and maintenance of real estate, complying to BSI standards 1192-3, offering 6D BIM-technology.

3D viewer

BIMkeeper renders BIM-models in a web browser, including all element information, quantities and measurements. You can also add data to the model! The viewer and all associated information are IFC-based.

Geo information

Integration with Google Maps, Street View, OpenStreetMap and datasets in WMS / WFS / MWTS. You have direct insight in the geographic distribution of your real estate.

Manage documents

You can of course setup a blockchain, but BIMkeeper also offers robust technology: all actions are logged, access is role based, versioning is in place and your backups are safe.

Access to data

BIMkeeper offers different views on data: 3D, 2D, map based, directories or using filters and queries on all data available. You can easily switch betweeen these views.


Give insight in the actual and personalized status of all your buildings. Are you in sync with laws and legislations, are there urgent repair requests, is fire safety in place and much more.


A large part of BIMkeeper is responsive, especially all functionalities and overviews that are used by managers and (external) stakeholders, like tenants, suppliers, etc.

Several apps

BIMkeeper offers several apps. An automated assigned monthly check on fire safety can easily be handled using a mobile phone only. Most used is of course our app for (repair) requests.


It is not necessary to model every single detail of a building. Infomation can also be connected (3D) to spaces. The AC unit is in this room, brand xxx, type yyy.


Show real time sensor information, the status of contracts or any other (live) information in the transparency mode. You can toggle between transparency and opaque.

External sources

We have many API's in place to connect with external sources. All source code is developed by IRP, so we can easily adapt to exchange information.