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BIMkeeper won the Middle East Best Brand Award 2018 in the category facility management!


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One-stop shop for all revisions of your CAD/BIM drawings

The new function for creating modelling topics in the 3D viewer makes the BIMkeeper platform into a one-stop shop for the management of all CAD/Bim drawings.

IRP introduces real-time 2D and 3D navigation

IRP launches combined 2D and 3D navigation. This duo navigation provides a much clearer view of the current location in the model, including information on the floor.

BIMkeeper app for tenants & companies

Fast and easy overview of contracts, requests and compliance-check of your real estate with the BIMkeeper app.


From 3D to 2D and back & other visualisation improvements

IRP made important improvements in BIMkeeper for the visualisation capabilities of our viewer, like the visualization of a building from above (2D), orthographic projection, and element outlines.

IRP launches YouTube channel!

IRP has chosen to launch a media channel on Youtube. Here, videos can be viewed regarding all BIMkeeper/BIMBMS projects, including:

- Presentational videos

- Instructional demo videos

- Project highlights

IRP bases all of its web development on the ISO 19650 standard for the development and full lifecycle of buildings. Formerly known as the BSI 1192-X. This standard has now been almost fully implemented in BIMkeeper.

Maintenance planning (LTMP) for portfolio now available

IRP created in BIMkeeper a maintenance planning (LTMP) overview for the entire portfolio, per region or selection of complexes. And of course this is also supported in 3D. All work for the upcoming years is clearly displayed. Just check it out. 

Revisions: IRP visualizes differences of IFC files in 3D

IRP presents new powerful 3D tool for visualizing the differences in geometry between versions of IFC-files. Especially when buildings are under development, new 3D models are regularly delivered. Then of course everyone involved wants to know what exactly has changed.

Redesigning your office in 3D. We made it very simple

Our latest tool makes it very easy to keep track of all the movements of furniture, devices, desks or any other objects. And of course save the new situation. 

New project Proeftuin Erasmusveld in sale!

Another beautiful project of BPD in sale: Proeftuin Erasmusveld

Innovation: BIMLegal Information visible in 3D model

The 3D model shows what legal information applies to the highlighted parking spots

Strong movie Residential configurator. What BIM can do!

Dutch movie explains features of 3D configurator.  

New interface for overruling IFC information

A new feature has been developed that improves the way we can keep all information displayed in our 3D viewer up to date.

New: Surface and Point-to-point Measurement in a BIM model

New feature in BIMkeeper. Measurements with a few simple clicks.

Circular Construction: Material passport

Circular Construction stems from circular economy where it's all about making smart use of raw materials, products and goods so they can be recycled indefinitely. Read more on how a material passport helps this process. 

Real time sensor information of real estate usage

Insights and statistics for your real estate through BIMkeeper sensor information

ISO 19650 Launch. What to expect.

On Thursday the 31st of January 2019, BSI (Business Standards Company) held an event in London to launch a new ISO standard.

BIMkeeper visualizes sun and shadow in 3D viewer.

BIMkeeper can now visualize sun and shadow. And you can look at any date and time in the past or future. The only thing we need: a building and its location. Try it (open one of the links) 

Management and revisons of BIM models made easy

Our professional document management system in combination with the Project Management tool makes the maintenace and Revisions of models very easy. See how it works

We have developed a project management tool for BIM

Our project management tool facilitates the process of BIM modeling.

Our BIM technology used for sale appartments

For the first time our BIM viewer is used in the process of selling apartments. It is a project from BPD (large development company) for the project "Baken van Narva".

EU: General Data Protection Regulation

Our services might undergo some (small) changes due to the new EU regulation on Privacy.

In the cloud

BIMkeeper is an online collaboration platform for the development and maintenance of real estate, complying to ISO 19650 (based on former BSI PAS 1192-3) for BIM. And offering 6D BIM-technology.

3D viewer

BIMkeeper renders BIM-models in a web browser, including all element information, quantities and measurements.You can also add data to the model! The viewer and all associated information are IFC-based.

Geo information

Integration with Google Maps, Street View, OpenStreetMap and datasets in WMS / WFS / MWTS.You have direct insight in the geographic distribution of your real estate.

Manage documents

You can of course setup a blockchain, but BIMkeeper also offers robust technology: all actions are logged, access is role based, versioning is in place and your backups are safe.

Access to data

BIMkeeper offers different views on data: 3D, 2D, map based, directories or using filters and queries on all data available. You can easily switch betweeen these views.


Give insight in the actual and personalized status of all your buildings. Are you in sync with laws and legislations, are there urgent repair requests, is fire safety in place and much more.


A large part of BIMkeeper is responsive, especially all functionalities and overviews that are used by managers and (external) stakeholders, like tenants, suppliers, etc.

Several apps

BIMkeeper offers several apps. An automated assigned monthly check on fire safety can easily be handled using a mobile phone only. Most used is of course our app for (repair) requests.


It is not necessary to model every single detail of a building. Information can also be connected (3D) to spaces. The AC unit is in this room, brand xxx, type yyy.


Show real time sensor information, the status of contracts or any other (live) information in the transparency mode. You can toggle between transparency and opaque.

External sources

We have many API's in place to connect with external sources. All source code is developed by IRP, so we can easily adapt to exchange information.