Integration Netherlands in 3D with IFC and solar study

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We have been researching the integration of the "Netherlands in 3D" project (see article TU Delft & website NL in 3D. Note: the NL in 3D website is in Dutch only) with our IFC viewer and solar study. The latter gives these projects an extra dimension. Enjoy our beautiful technology in this nice video.

"Netherlands in 3D" is a project that allows for generating a 3D model of the Netherlands based on GPS coordinates. IRP has now made it possible to create a GLTF (3D object) file for a (small) specific area, composed of one or more "tiles".

We also facilitate the removal of buildings to make room for new construction. This allows for realistic 3D visualization of all new construction plans within an existing environment, including the new buildings. The size of the captured area can be adjusted by the user.

The GLTF files can be directly used in BIMkeeper, or downloaded as GLTF for use in other applications. IRP aims to make this functionality easily accessible. Within BIMkeeper, these 3D files will be combined with IFCs of new construction projects. We have now almost entirely automated this process based on the latest data.