Measure tool improved

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We have made big improvements in the viewer's measure tool. You can now more easily and precisely make angles of 90° degrees. Additionally, with the expanded snapping feature, it is possible to precisely connect the measure tool to the edges of objects (e.g. walls).

  • The cursor-cross of the measure tool is now always aligned with the building elements. In the previous version this was only the case if the building had no rotation (so always pointed to the north).
  • With a dashed line, you can now directly see what you are measuring. The distance is also shown.
  • You can now snap in 90 degrees. This also works on vertical or diagonal surfaces.
  • You can snap two measure points opposite of each other.
  • You can now also snap to the edges of elements (not just corners)

Try out the feature yourself here:

Click on the tape measure in the toolbar to start measuring. Use the CTRL key to make multiple measurements.

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