Maintenance planning (LTMP) for portfolio now available

 -  Available in: Nederlands Nederlands

IRP realizes a "maintenance Planning" overview for the entire portfolio, per region or selection of Complexes. All planned work for the coming years in a clear overview. And of course also available in 3D.

Some of the features of the LTMP tool include:

- Creating LTMPs using information from IFCs
- Visualizing LTMP maintenance items in 3D
- Clean overviews of LTMPs from a customizable selection of complexes 
- Overviews of LTMPs displayed in graphs and tables
- Sorting overviews by region, complexes, and element codes
- Postponing or expediting maintenance items

This demo includes a manual that describes how all the features can be used. It includes a video that demonstrates the features of the LTMP. There is also a practical demo environment available where these features can be tested. It can be accessed at: [include the link to the demo]


For any questions regarding this demo, please contact us at: