The future: Repair requests directly from the 3D BIM viewer

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Of course we can add requests to 2D floorplans or use the app to send some text and a picture. But that is the past! Now we connect directly to BIM elements.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 16.01.26.png

Yes. We have a new app for repair requests. The app works seamlessly together with our3D BIM viewer. We already had regular apps that were linked to rooms or floor plans, but that is, of course, outdated in the BIM era.

We now select one or more elements and send a repair request directly to a supplier, of course with an urgency tag. Great advantage of this method is that the supplier immediately sees where he needs to go. At what address, on which floor, which front door gives access to the room and of course all the details of the relevant element are immediately at hand: what type of luminaire is this, what type of lamp has to be used and how can the lamp be reached. Great advantage that in the 3D model you can see that the lamp is hanging on a high ceiling. So please bring a ladder.

The supplier who repairs the defect can easily report the work as finished, just by using his mobile phone. He can also immediately submit online the corresponding invoice for the work done. Since the request already contained a description of the problem, he does not have to enter this again. Approved online submitted invoices can be put directly into a payment batch. 

This new app can be used for other types of 'notifications', meaning it is not necessary to use the 3D model for a request. The app is built with Framework 7. This technique is also known as "progressive web apps". The big advantage of this is that the app works directly on all phones and tablets. It is also important that we do not have to place the app in an app store. This has great advantages for 'pre defined' use, because this app only makes sense if the user has an account with us.

We are happy with this new development for apps. We now only need to make the app once; it runs on all platforms and we can implement changes and improvements at any time.

The Building Management System sends alerts if requests with a high priority are received. The manager kan directly assign a (preferred) supplier or employee. Preferences can be set per building and per type of repair, which means that the whole process is almost completely automated.

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