IRP launches YouTube channel and document reference list!

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IRP has chosen to launch a media channel on Youtube. Here, videos can be viewed regarding all BIMkeeper/BIMBMS projects, including:

- Presentational videos

- Instructional demo videos

- Project highlights

IRP has a large collection of documentation for various components of its online Facility management system. The complete list can be found below.

The link to the YouTube channel: Channel link

Document reference links

- BIMBMS manual: Download

- 3D viewer: Download Demo

- Safety inspections: Download Demo

- Sensors: Download Demo

- Requests: Download Demo

- Complexes: Download Demo

- Filters: Download Demo

- Rental contracts: Download Demo

- Home demo: Download Demo

- House configurator: Download Demo

- Solar study: Download Demo

- Upload and view: Download Demo

- ACL: Download Demo

- Long term maintenance planning: Download Demo

- Work orders: Download

- Similar work orders and requests: Download

- Project management and revisions: Download

- Model checking: Download

- Mobile application: Download